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3 min readAug 9, 2021

Available for both Lite and Plus users.

If you’ve written your wasiat, great! You’re now officially more prepared than over 15,000,000 Malaysians. The next big step is to make sure that your family knows you’ve prepared your wasiat and how to locate it when the time comes. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to upload and manage your wills on Bereev.

This feature is available for our users who are on Muslim-mode, learn how to switch between Muslim and non-Muslim modes here. For non-Muslims who are looking to upload their will, please check out this post instead.

1 - Go to Wasiat @ Departure

This is only available for users on the Muslim mode.

Click on the orange Edit button.

2 - Add Wasiat

If you haven’t done this before, this page will be empty.

Once you’ve updated this, it will appear as a list.

3 - Specify Creation Date

This will help your family determine which copy is the latest version in case you’ve written more than 1 wasiat before.

Pro Tip: Refer to your wasiat if you don’t remember.

4 - Locate Wasiat

Specify where you’ve kept the original/physical copy of your wasiat, this will help your family locate it easily.

Pro Tip: Be as accurate as possible.

5 - Upload Attachment (Optional)

Attach any relevant/supporting documents during this step.

Pro Tip: Upload a snapshot or a PDF version of your wasiat.

6 - Review Wasiat

All of the wasiats that you’ve added will now appear as a list. Bereev will automatically recognise which version is the latest based on the date of creation.

Click on any of the wasiat to edit/delete them.

7 - Edit/Delete Wasiat

If you need to edit a particular wasiat, just click on it and you’ll find the Edit button on the top right of your screen. While the Remove button is at the bottom.

Come back and edit your wasiat anytime.

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