Add Your Will 📝

Available for both Lite and Plus users.

1 - Go to Will @ Departure

Head over to Departure on the left hand side of your screen.

Will is only available on Non-Muslim mode.

2 - Add Will

If you haven’t added your will before, this page will be empty.

Once you’ve uploaded your will, this will appear as a list.

3 - Specify Creation Date

Specify when was this will prepared, this step is very important especially if you have written more than 1 will before.

This helps your family identify the latest version.

4 - Specify the Location

Let them know where or how to find the original copy of your will. Take note that in certain countries like Malaysia, you still need the physical copy of your will to submit to the courts.

Making sure they know how to find your will is crucial.

5 - Attach Your Will (Optional)

Upload a digital copy of your will, it can either be a PDF, Words file or even just an image of it.

Feel free to skip this step.

6 - Mark as Latest

If this is the latest version of your will, make sure to Mark it as Latest before clicking on Add.

Only mark this if this copy is the latest version.

7 - Review Your Wills

If you’ve written more than 1 will before, this page will appear as a list. You’ll be able to identify which is the latest version by the orange flag.

The creation dates will be displayed on the list.

8 - Edit or Delete

You can return to edit your wills or even delete them anytime, just click on the specific will. The Edit button is on the top right, while the Remove button is at the bottom of your screen.

Changes happen all the time in life. Edit or delete your will anytime.

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