What to do when a Muslim dies in Malaysia?

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Picking up from our previous step by step guide on what to do when someone dies in Malaysia (Non-Muslims’ edition), we’re back again but this time with a guide specifically for Muslims. Take note that this guide is meant for Malaysian citizens, the steps for expats and foreigners are slightly different and we’ll cover that in another post very soon.

Step 1: Contact the Nearest Hospital

Assuming that the deceased passed away at home or somewhere other than a hospital, the first thing you need to do is to call or go directly to the nearest hospital (we’ve heard of cases where people reached out to clinics too) to inform them of the death.

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Step 2: Examination of the Body

Either a doctor will come to your house to examine the body or you’ll have to transport the body to the hospital (they’ll assist you with arranging an ambulance). The doctor will then determine the cause of death and issue the death slip.

Step 3: Go to the Nearest Police Station

Once you’ve received the death slip, take it to the nearest police station and they’ll provide you with a burial permit. Without this burial permit, you won’t be able to proceed with the burial.

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Step 3: Go to the Nearest Mosque/Surau

Take both the burial permit and death slip to the mosque or surau where the person in charge will share all about the available jenazah arrangement packages. They will also work with the Islamic graveyard (kubur) for the arrangement of a burial plot.

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Step 4: Surat Pengesahan Kariah

The mosque will now issue a letter confirming that the jenazah belongs to the kariah. Bring that letter over to the graveyard (kubur).

Step 5: Head to the Graveyard (Kubur)

Submit the death slip, burial permit and surat pengesahan kariah to the people in charge of the graveyard and once everything is verified, the burial process will now take place.

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Step 6: Register at JPN

Bring the death slip, burial permit, the deceased’s original NRIC and your own NRIC to the nearest National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) to receive the official death certificate which will be issued within a week.

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Keep an eye out for our next guide on what to do after you’ve dealt with the body of the deceased including how to get a probate, how to claim a Takaful life insurance policy and more in the coming weeks. If you’re looking for the non-Muslim guide, check it out here.

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An app that helps you create a plan which will guide your loved ones when you’re gone. Sign up at for FREE!

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