Sidekicks, a complete guide. 🦸🏻

Remember this guy?

What is a sidekick?

What does a sidekick do?

What can my sidekicks see?

Choose Never if you don’t want them to see that part.

When can they access my plan?

You can change this discreetly anytime.

Who should I invite as my sidekick(s)?

How many sidekicks can I invite?

Can I remove my sidekicks or change their permissions?

How do I invite a sidekick?

1 - Go to My Sidekicks

Once you’ve invited your sidekicks, this will appear as a list.

2 - Fill Up Their Details

Fill this section correctly as this will be how we’ll reach out to them.

3 - Customise Access

Customise according to your wishes.

4 - Review and Invite

Check everything before hitting that button.

5 - Edit or Remove Sidekick

Edit to change access level.
Revoke if you want to remove them completely.

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