Add Your Identity Documents 💳

Available for both Lite (max. 1 ID) and Plus (unlimited) users.

1 - Go to Personal Info

This is the 1st item under Categories.

Click on the orange Edit button.

2 - Add Identity Document

If you haven’t done this before, this page will be empty.

Once you’ve updated this, it will appear as a list.

3 - Select Type and Issuing Country

Choose what type of document this is, pick from Identity Card, Driving License, Passport, Birth Certificate and more. Then select which country was this ID issued by.

Select Others if what you’re looking for isn’t available.

4 - Specify Number (Optional)

Type the number associated with your identity document for your sidekick’s easy reference, only if you wish to.

Feel free to skip this step as you see fit.

5 - Expiry Date (Optional)

Some documents like your passport or work permit/visa will have an expiry date, specify that during this step.

Feel free to skip this step as you see fit.

6 - Locate Document and Add Notes

Perhaps the most important field, specify where have you kept the original/physical document. You can even add some notes while you’re at it.

Pro Tip: Simple clues like ‘in my wallet’ is sufficient.

7 - Upload Attachment (Optional)

Attach any relevant/supporting documents during this step.

Pro Tip: Snap your document and upload it here.

8 - Review Identity Documents

All of the identity documents that you’ve added will now appear as a list.

Click on any of the ID to edit/delete them.

9 - Edit/Delete Identity Documents

If you need to edit a particular ID, just click on it and you’ll find the Edit button on the top right of your screen. While the Delete or Remove button is at the bottom.

Come back and edit your ID anytime.
Or remove them if they’re no longer relevant.

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